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Report Fraud

GPE partners seek to ensure the most effective use of all resources supporting developing country partners’ education goals. GPE funds may sometimes be allocated for use in environments where there is high risk of misuse, through fraud, corruption, or other poor practices. The decisions on how to engage in difficult governance environments must be informed by an understanding of the nature of the risks and the potential impact on development effectiveness and poverty reduction.

GPE partners have zero tolerance for misuse: they will use their own policies to take action to address the misuse and secure recovery of GPE trust fund resources lost to misuse. The GPE Secretariat carefully monitors the situation with the relevant grant agents, developing country partners, and donors to ensure that all funds identified as misused are reimbursed.

To learn more, read the Policy and Communications Protocol on Misuse of GPE Trust Funds.

To report suspected cases of fraud or misuse, please contact the appropriate grant agent:

Grant agent Contact information
Agence Française de Développement (AFD)
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Belgian Technical Cooperation (Belgium)
Department for International Development (UK)
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sweden)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Switzerland)
World Bank