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Learn how GPE partners work together to make sure that all children receive a quality education.


Transforming education in Kenya
Kenya has a large and complex education system with an estimated 12 million children in about 120,000 institutions, including pre-primary schools. The Kenyan government is working with GPE to transform the education system and reduce disparities in access, retention and completion.

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Statement by Julia Gillard on the G7’s commitment to education
The Global Partnership for Education welcomes the recently released Taormina Progress Report: Investing in Education for Mutual Prosperity, Peace and Development. The report calls on the G7 members to give greater support to GPE, which it notes has “grown to become the world’s largest multi-stakeholder partnership dedicated to helping all children access quality basic education in the world’s poorest countries.”

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UK Parliament calls on DFID to devote more resources to education
A report by the UK parliament’s International Development Committee, examining DFID's work on education, highlights how education is vital in improving lives in developing countries and conflict zones. It called on the United Kingdom to keep its position as a global leader in education and make a significant increase in the amount it spends in this arena as part of its overseas aid.