GPE representatives head to Australia to push for funding to address inequalities in education

|Source: Australian Outlook|
A young girl and classmates at Wat Bo Primary School, Cambodia. Credit: GPE/Chor Sokunthea

In her appeal to Australia and other donors, Alice Albright, chief executive officer of the Global Partnership for Education, argues that the foundations of sustainability lie in education. With US$2 billion a year from donors by 2020, GPE can help partner countries drive improved quality and access to education for as many as 870 million children and youth in low-income countries where only around half of all girls and boys complete primary school.

Stepping up support for education in the Asia Pacific and around the world is one of the best possible returns on investment Australia and GPE can make. Improving access to and quality of learning is fundamental to laying the foundations of a fairer, more prosperous future.

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