Ruhainatu dreams of becoming a nurse in Ghana

With a strong focus on getting more children in school, Ghana has seen dramatic increases in enrollment and in the quality of basic education

Ruhainatu is a young student living in Ghana’s Northern region in one of the poorest communities. She wants to become a nurse to help her village fight diseases and epidemics.

With a strong focus on getting more children in school over the past two decades, Ghana has seen dramatic increases in school enrollment and in the quality of basic education. 

Since joining the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in 2004, Ghana has received a total of US$95.4 million in GPE grants to strengthen the country's education system so all children can go to school and receive a quality education. 

The recent GPE grant of US$75.5 million helped to improve equity and quality in education and access to schools – focusing on 75 deprived districts. The grant focused on improving teaching skills of existing teachers, ensuring that untrained teachers become qualified and institutionalized in-service training for teachers in primary and lower-secondary schools.

GPE’s support also helped to improve school supervision and accountability systems - resulting in better school attendance of students and teachers, higher enrollment rates, higher transition rates from primary to lower secondary school and scholarships (provided by the UK Department for International Development) to 55,000 girls helping them to stay in school.

The overall impact of GPE’s support to Ghana goes beyond the funding support. GPE has played a critical role in long-term sector planning, education sector analysis and policy development and coordination across all partners.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana


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