Partners gather for the first joint sector review of the Comoros education sector

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Alt: Ali Attoumani, Minister of Education of Comoros, and Pierre Ngom, UNICEF representative in Comoros Credit: UNICEF Comores/Samira Djalim

Ali Attoumani, Minister of Education of Comoros, and Pierre Ngom, UNICEF representative in Comoros, sit side by side on the first day of the education joint sector review in Moroni. They welcomed ministry officials and development partners active in the education sector, who, over three days, discussed the progress, efforts, and challenges of the implementation of the country’s transitional sector plan for 2013-2015.

In his opening remarks, the minister said: “A special mention to the Global Partnership for Education for its commitment and availability to support Comoros in our efforts to develop a quality education system for all”.

In his introduction, Mr. Ngom noted that “the lessons from this joint sector review will allow Comoros to make adjustments to the education sector in order to maximize the potential of achieving results in the next sector plan.”

Comoros is steadily increasing the national budget allocated to education, from 21% in 2012 to 28% in 2014.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Comoros


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