A New Education Strategy in the Central African Republic

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In this photo, Gisèle Bedan, Minister of Education of the Central African Republic (CAR) submits an updated education sector plan and a grant application to the Global Partnership for Education. She is surrounded by Romain Babagbeto (left) and Souleymane Diabaté (right) both from UNICEF, which is the GPE coordinating agency in CAR. The education sector plan for the next three years is a necessary precursor for a new GPE grant of $15.5 million.  The image is a good reminder of the collaborative process that takes place in all GPE partner countries to support good education plans and ensure that children can go to school and learn.


The Global Partnership for Education Secretariat is headquartered in Washington DC and has approximately 100 staff. The Secretariat provides administrative and operational support to all its partners including...

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