More girls are finishing primary school in GPE countries

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Graph showing gender parity index in 2002 and 2014 for 12 GPE partner countries. Credit: GPE Secretariat

The 12 GPE partner countries in this graph have shown impressive progress in getting more girls to complete their primary education, and this progress was even more pronounced after they joined GPE.

The gender parity index shows how many girls finish primary school compared to boys. A perfect gender parity index (as many girls as boys finishing primary school) would be at 1.

Gender equality is a key principle of GPE, as stated in GPE 2020, GPE’s strategic plan 2016-2020. We support partner developing countries in addressing the barriers to girls’ education during the planning and implementation of their education strategies.

These good results in primary school shouldn’t hide the fact that much more needs to be done to ensure that girls can transition to secondary school and complete their education.

Gender disparities become more pronounced in secondary school as social, economic and health-related barriers put increased pressure on girls’ ability to stay in school and learn.

There are still 61 million girls around the world who can’t go to school.

Learn more in our new policy brief: Advancing gender equality in education across GPE countries


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