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“This young Thai boy is hopeful. He has every reason to give up, drop out of school and start working with his family. But he has hope, and a bright smile that draws you in. He lives in a community of factory workers, where trucks often cause tragic accidents with children. Many youth do not finish middle school in this area. Those who do are far behind their grade reading levels. But this boy is causing change because he is not giving up. He loves to learn, read, and is ready to soak in knowledge at any moment. So while many youth around him aren’t able to see the importance of an education, he is holding on and enjoying his time as a child. He shines as a bright light in his community for all to see.”

This picture and essay were submitted to the 2012 Reading Changed My Life Contest by Alison Johnson from United States.

Take a look at our e-album with the best pictures of the Reading Changes my Life Contest. You can also browse through the nearly 1,000 photos and videos that were submitted to the contest and then get involved in helping children learn and grow.

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