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At the High-level pledging event in Geneva on April 25, 2017, the Global Partnership for Education pledged to continue its support to Yemen's education sector, including committing to provide...
Switzerland has increased its 2016 contribution to the Global Partnership for Education from US$6.4 million (CHF 6.5 million) to US$9.9 million (CHF10 million) recognizing GPE as a priority...
It's been a big year for education. At GPE, we have made important progress, including: welcoming 4 new partner countries, receiving additional financing from 6 donors, reaching US$4.6 billion...
Pledge for GPE 2nd replenishment 2015-2018:
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Aid to education

In Switzerland, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) within the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DEZA) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) within the Federal Department of Economic Affairs are the two institutions responsible for defining and implementing the Swiss aid program.

Increased funding for basic education and vocational training is one of the 2017-2020 international cooperation priorities for Switzerland.

Switzerland’s basic education focus centers on the following priorities:

  • Ensuring that educational policies cater to young people and adults who were denied access to basic education.
  • Improving relevance, quality and results.

Top five recipients of Swiss ODA for basic education in 2015 were: Mali, West Bank & Gaza Strip, Niger, Afghanistan, and Haiti.

Switzerland and GPE

Switzerland is the Board representative of the Donor 1 constituency on the GPE Board. BelgiumLuxembourgNetherlands, and Russia are also part of this constituency.

Switzerland is part of the Grants and Performance Committee.

Switzerland increased its 2016 contribution to the Global Partnership for Education from US$6.4 million to US$9.9 million recognizing GPE as a priority organization for Switzerland’s international cooperation.

Last updated May 16, 2017